TSP Funds Turn Up in April

A few billion dollars were moved out of the TSP stock funds during the first quarter of this year. If you are a contrary investor, that may be a signal that stocks are headed up. And, for April at least, that is the case as all of the TSP funds are up for the month–with one exception.

$16 Million Is Not a Low Number

Comments sent in by readers on proposed changes to interfund transfers within the TSP were unusually harsh. Similar comments may have been sent in directly to the TSP board as well. A new Federal Register notice finalizes a final rule limiting TSP trading activity. The official notice is blunt in addressing the comments opposing the changes. Here is the outcome but watch for future changes as well.

Exposing Long-Term TSP Investors to Risks They Did Not Anticipate

A recent notice in the Federal Register is the latest step by the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board to clamp down on frequent trading in TSP funds. The notice makes the argument that the restrictions are necessary to protect the interests of the majority of TSP investors whose financial investments are being put at risk by the actions of those trying to time the market and forcing all TSP participants to accept additional financial risk they did not anticipate. A press release from a group opposed to the changes states that the cost of trading for each TSP shareholder has declined despite the market timing activities of some TSP participants.

Your 2008 Pay Raise: Would You Prefer 3.5% or 7.6%?

Most American companies have some type of pay for performance system. But pay for performance is unique in the federal government and has generated heated debate and intense opposition. With the average employee under the new system getting a raise that is twice as large as the rest of the federal workforce, it may not seem as threatening.