Defensive Driving on Federal Highways

When you learned to drive, you were taught to be on the lookout for others on the road including cars, bicyclists, small children and pets. What does driving have to do with your federal benefits? The same principles you learned as a new driver can help you navigate your federal career.

No Proposed Change to Federal Retirement, Pay Systems in Budget Proposal

The latest budget proposal from the administration does not adopt many of the recommendations from the deficit reduction commission and does not propose substantial changes to the federal retirement system. Here are some of the changes proposed to save money by the federal government that will impact some in the federal community–including one agency where the agency would initiate a buyout of jobs no longer needed.

Opening Statement from Rep. Dennis Ross (R-FL) on the Federal Workforce Subcommittee Hearing on Federal Pay

Rep. Dennis Ross (R-FL) gave the opening statement at the Federal Workforce Subcommittee Hearing on Federal Pay in Washington on March 9. In the statement, he said that federal employees perform essential services for the government, but cited figures showing that they are overpaid relative to their private sector counterparts.

Service Credit and Your Federal Retirement

OPM says that Service Credit System corrections are complete and the agency is providing a letter with your current account balance information to minimize the additional impact of interest accruing. The letter also tells you about the grace period so you about can maximize the flexibility of paying down your current account balance without the accrual of additional interest.