Who’s in Charge at CFPB?

A hiring freeze has been announced at CFPB amidst a legal battle that has ensued over who gets to lead the agency.

Is There Still a Hiring Freeze?

Row of four chairs, three white and one red with words 'join our team' written above

The recent hiring freeze was recently lifted, but agencies have yet to reengage significant hiring. The author explains why this may be happening.

DoD Lifts Agency Hiring Freeze

The Department of Defense has announced that it is officially lifting the agency’s civilian workforce hiring freeze, but with some restrictions.

White House Lifts Hiring Freeze

Businessman holding a piece of paper with the word 'budget' cutting it with scissors to illustrate budget cuts

The White House has lifted the federal hiring freeze, but it also announced a long term plan to reduce the overall size of the federal workforce.