How To Tell If You Are Getting Bad Advice About Your TSP

Image of senior couple at home meeting with financial advisor

Your savings inside of the Thrift Savings Plan that you worked so hard throughout your federal career to accumulate are a large component of providing income in retirement. It is important, therefore, to make sure you make the right choices with regards to preserving these funds. The author provides some advice for federal employees on different ways to determine what constitutes good and bad advice as it relates to their savings inside of the TSP.

Roth TSP vs. Roth IRA Showdown

The Roth TSP and the Roth IRA share many similarities, however, they are not the same thing. The author describes some of the similarities and differences federal employees should be aware of as they look at how each one fits into their retirement savings plans.

2016 Financial Resolutions

Image of notepad with words "new years financial resolutions'

Does your personal financial plan need a tune up in the new year? The author offers some suggestions to consider as part of your new year’s financial resolutions as you plan for retirement and the long term needs of your family.

TSP Contribution Limits Unchanged in 2016

The Internal Revenue Service has announced the annual contribution limits for the Thrift Savings Plan and other similar retirement/pension plan contributions for 2016, most of which are unchanged from 2015.

TSP or Not TSP? THAT is the Rollover Question!

In the third article in his series on federal retirement, author Randy Silvey addresses one of the most common questions he has received from users: “Should I roll my TSP over to an IRA after leaving federal service?”

Do You Know the ‘Goldilocks Principle’ To Federal Retirement?

A growing percentage of federal employees are either eagerly preparing for or nervously holding off retirement. The author says that you do not want to retire too soon and risk financial ruin in your Golden Years, but you also do not want to wait until too late to retire. He explains some ways to determine the best time to retire that works for you.