Pay Parity and Your 2010 Pay Raise

Congress says it approves the idea of pay parity between federal employees and military personnel but doesn’t indicate how much should be approved for a possible pay raise in 2010. Will federal employees be asked to take a lower raise in the midst of rising unemployment and low inflation? Also, federal retirees are on track to go without a COLA increase.

NSPS and Your 2009 Pay Raise

We know that the average federal employee will receive a raise of 3.9% in 2008 and federal retirees will get a COLA of as much as 5.8%. What about employees under NSPS? Many NSPS employees in the Washington, DC area will get a higher raise than those under the GS system.

Your 2008 Pay Raise: Would You Prefer 3.5% or 7.6%?

Most American companies have some type of pay for performance system. But pay for performance is unique in the federal government and has generated heated debate and intense opposition. With the average employee under the new system getting a raise that is twice as large as the rest of the federal workforce, it may not seem as threatening.