Freezing Federal Employee Pay (Done!) and Restricting Within-Grade Increases and Promotions (Proposed!)

In an article we published last December, we wrote that, in the opinion of one Congressman: “handing out billions of dollars in step increases while touting a pay freeze shows the White House’s plan is disingenuous and ‘full of holes.’ In other words, the federal pay freeze is good political theater but isn’t a serious effort to cut back on federal spending.” Now, apparently, there is a serious effort to cut back on federal spending with proposals to freeze federal promotions and step increases.

Mandatory Unpaid Leave for Federal Employees in 2011?

A bill has been introduced that would allegedly cut $5.5 billion from the federal budget by requiring two weeks of mandatory unpaid leave for federal employees. The bill is also designed to ensure “that federal workers are not sheltered from the realities of life in today’s economy.”

The Proposed Federal Benefit That Won’t Die

A proposal to allow federal employees under the FERS system to get credit for unused sick leave did not get through the legislative process last year and was recently eliminated in new legislation during the legislative process. The proposal is back again though in a bill that has an assortment of new, improved benefits for portions of the federal workforce.