Is a Buyout Worth Taking?

Torn paper box with word 'Buyout'

Should you take a buyout? The author provides some information on how buyouts work and considerations you should weigh before taking one.

Buyouts and Early Outs

Image of word 'buyout' on blackboard with businessman on side

The author provides some general information about early outs and buyouts along with questions federal employees should ask themselves if they are considering taking one of these.

Reduction in Force vs. VSIP

Reduction in force (RIF) and VSIP (Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay) are two orderly, effective ways to shed groups of government employees. The author compares the two.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Federal employees are often being asked to do more work without any more reward. A common lament is that the work keeps piling up as more employees leave, and it just isn’t worth it if retirement benefits are going to be re-structured, on top of it. The author offers some tips to see if retiring earlier is worth doing.