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CBO: Federal Compensation 16% Higher Than Private Sector

The Congressional Budget Office has released a study comparing pay and benefits of federal workers to workers in the private sector across wages, benefits and total compensation (wages plus benefits). On average, federal employees came out ahead in each case.

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D.C. Circuit Slams FLRA on Permitting Violations of Appropriation Law

In a very recent case before the DC Circuit, the court slammed the Federal Labor Relations Authority again for interpreting law other than its own. In what appears a sweeping decision that may reverse the effect of many years of FLRA Negotiability determinations, the Court found that absent specific appropriations language, an Agency would violate the legal prohibition against use of appropriated funds for employees’ personal expenses. Pay attention to this decision.

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Employee Claims He ‘Previously Worked as a Psychic’

In Kennington v. Merit Systems Protection Board, CAFC No. 2011-3192 (nonprecedential), 12/13/11, the court recounts what many would view as odd behavior, including claims from the employee that he “previously worked as a psychic” and “could communicate with angels, God, and Jesus.”

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