Aggressive Union Organizing at Transportation Security Administration: National Security Issues?

The Author looks at one of the unions involved in organizing TSA. In a letter to airport screeners, a union president promises to continue pressure for a collective bargaining agreement and that if NTEU is elected, all Federal security Agencies present at an airport will be represented by the same union. The Author asks if that is a good idea. You decide.

Holiday Travel Advice from the TSA

Whether you love the new security procedures or hate them, there’s no disputing that TSA has been up against a lot of public scrutiny because of the new procedures. Here is how the agency recommends making your air travel easier as you fight the crowds over this Thanksgiving holiday.

The Federal Employees’ Cookbook

New people bring new ideas. OPM’s John Berry has been creative by urging time off for some in DC to get an extra hour to walk to the cherry blossoms and, later this week, hosting an event to come up with new recipes from federal employees to go into a federal government cookbook.