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Airport Screeners Not Meeting Training Requirements

May 3, 2005 7:14 AM

The lack of high-speed Internet connectivity and staff shortages have prevented thousands of airport security screeners from getting the training they need.

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Study: Federal Agencies Failing To Report Performance Reports Mandated By Law

April 18, 2005 6:45 AM

Despite being mandated by law, federal agencies, as a whole, are failing to explain their performance to taxpayers.

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OPM Issues Guidance On IT Training

February 1, 2005 6:38 AM

OPM issues guidance on IT training.

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Mail Chauvinism: E-Mail and the Postal Service, Circa 1980

November 6, 2002 12:00 AM

The future is hard to predict and even harder to conrol. In 1980, representatives of the Postal Service saw the agency retaining control of e-mail just as it does paper mail.

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When Does An Agency Become A Company?

November 5, 2002 12:00 AM

The Postal Service is engaging in more private enterprise ventures to the dismay of competitors.

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Kudos to the US Forest Service

September 22, 2002 12:00 AM

The Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area has reintroduced bison, elk and the prairie to this unique area.

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Agency Head Has Become A National Embarrassment

September 17, 2002 12:00 AM

Actions by the head of the US Commission on Civil Rights have made the agency ineffective and an embarrassment to the Administration

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FDA Employees Leaving Creating Problems for the Agency and Industry

August 19, 2002 12:00 AM

Employees of the FDA are leaving in greater numbers than at other similar agencies

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