Alphabet Soup and FMLA Abuse

FMLA family and medical leave act and stethoscope

Supervisors must ensure compliance with FMLA law while also preventing leave abuse by employees. These are some tips to help navigate the process.

Common Overtime Violations Federal Workers Can Experience

It is not usual for employers to ask employees to stay over a few extra hours, but it is illegal to have employees work without giving them their due pay. The author outlines some ways federal employees can ensure they are not subjected to failing to be compensated for overtime work when they are legally entitled to it.

When Should I Receive Comp Time Rather Than Overtime?

My supervisor has deemed that GS-09 and GS-11 positions are not eligible for overtime pay and has been providing only comp time for overtime worked. We believe this is incorrect. Do you have any information that will tell us when it’s proper to receive comp time and when overtime pay should be paid?

How Can Federal Managers Prepare for Changes to the FLSA Now?

President Obama recently called for a review of and update to the FLSA regulations. The author says that while this won’t result in an immediate impact on federal positions, it is a good time for federal managers to review existing position descriptions and update FLSA determinations.