Comp Time and LEAP

I had a situation where a LEAP (Law Enforcement Availability Pay) employee worked 5 hours past his regular shift. I want to authorize him three hours for comp time, 2 hours for LEAP pay, but my supervisor said it should be all LEAP pay. What is the correct way to pay this employee?

Comp Time/Overtime and the Pay Cap

I am a GS-15 Step 10. My Personnel Department reportedly has received direction from OPM that I cannot receive comp time because my salary restricts me from receiving overtime pay. I thought the agency could restrict the conversion of comp time to overtime pay but they do not accept that. Can you clarify for me?

Social Security and FERS Supplement

I will receive the FERS supplement until age 62. I plan to wait until my full retirement age of 66 years 2 months to consider filing for Social Security. Can I file a restricted application for my spouse’s Social Security benefit and delay filing for my own Social Security benefit until age 70, allowing my benefit to continue to grow?