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How Do the TSP’s Low Fees Help You?

Filed in News by on June 23, 2016 Comments

The Thrift Savings Plan has some of the lowest fees of any retirement savings plan. What do federal employees gain (or lose) by having these low fees?

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How Much Do You Need in Your TSP to Retire?

Filed in News by on June 16, 2016 Comments

The TSP is a major component of the federal retirement system, but too often, the author says that it becomes the only factor for would be retirees. He explains why striving for some sort of “magic number” in your TSP account can be a bottleneck in reaching your retirement goals.

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TSP Envy: Congress Eyes A TSP for More Americans

Filed in News by on June 15, 2016 Comments

The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) has been a success for federal workers. Another bill in Congress would create a similar system for many other Americans.

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The Old D.I.Y. Approach to Federal Retirement: Will it Work for FERS Employees?

Filed in News by on June 13, 2016 Comments

The author says that under CSRS, a do-it-yourself approach to retirement was more practical for federal employees, but those under FERS may face bigger obstacles trying to go it alone.

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Life Insurance… Now for the Living!

Filed in News by on June 2, 2016 Comments

What if your life insurance could also provide coverage for you during your lifetime? The author discusses the concept of using living benefits as they apply to federal employees covered by FEGLI and FEHB.

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Accelerate the Tax Efficiency of Roth TSP Distributions

Filed in News by on June 1, 2016 Comments

The author describes a technique known as the “The Back Door Roth TSP Withdrawal” federal employees can use to accelerate their tax benefits in retirement.

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TSP Funds Flower in May

Filed in News by on June 1, 2016 Comments

All funds in the Thrift Savings Plan are up in May and only one fund has a negative return so far in 2016. Here is a summary of the TSP performance results for each fund.

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Retroactive Restoration and the TSP Account

Filed in News by on May 31, 2016 Comments

A VA employee ordered retroactively restored when his removal was cancelled by the MSPB argues with the agency’s handling of his account with the Thrift Savings Plan.

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