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What Happens to Your Benefits If You Die While Still Working? Response to Readers Questions

Filed in Headlines, News by on February 11, 2016 Comments

Federal retirement expert John Grobe recently wrote an article describing what federal employees can expect to happen to their federal benefits should they pass away while still working. Many of our users had more questions on the subject, so he has written this follow up article providing answers to some of the questions he received.

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Number of TSP Millionaires Drops Below 2015 Level

Filed in Headlines, News by on February 9, 2016 Comments

There are now thousands of millionaires in the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). The number of these successful investors has dropped in the past year though as the boom in stocks has dissipated and stock market volatility has increased.

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Will TSP Investors Panic and Sell?

Filed in News by on February 1, 2016 Comments

January 2016 was a bad month for TSP investors with money in the stock funds. But, while the stock market frequently goes down, it has always come back and rewarded investors with a longer investment horizon.

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Would the American Savings Act Impact the Thrift Savings Plan?

Filed in News by on January 31, 2016 Comments

The American Savings Act would create a new organization that may be popular with many Americans. How would creating such an organization impact the TSP?

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The TSP is Popular; Should a Similar Program Exist for Other Americans?

Filed in News by on January 28, 2016 Comments

The Thrift Savings Plan is one of the most popular benefits available to federal employees. Should a comparable program modeled after the TSP be set up for all Americans? One Senator from Oregon thinks so.

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New Survey Raises the Question, ‘Will Feds Be Permitted to Develop Financial Maturity?’

Filed in News by on January 18, 2016 Comments

The author says that federal employees are frequently sheltered from financial and retirement information in their careers. He says federal workers need to be permitted to have self-reliance in their understanding of at least basic retirement concepts to avoid making mistakes that can harm their future financial goals.

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Should the TSP Provide Investment Advice?

Filed in News by on January 13, 2016 Comments

There are fresh hints that the Thrift Savings Plan is considering whether to offer investment advice to participants. But would investment advice within the TSP keep federal employees from rolling their accounts over to an IRA after they leave federal service, and who would pay the costs for the service?

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How to Get the Most Money From Your TSP Matching Contributions

Filed in News by on January 10, 2016 Comments

Are you a highly compensated FERS employee who contributes the maximum to the TSP each year? Don’t risk losing any of the government’s matching contributions by maxing out your TSP before the end of the year.

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