‘All in a Day’s Work’ at HUD

“Cupcakes embedded with nails served at an office potluck. A formal investigation launched after an employee posted her probation notice in the office restrooms.” These are some of the descriptions written by the judge issuing this decision which he referred to as “all in a day’s work” at the General Counsel’s office at HUD.

New Rules Mean More Protection For Pregnant Workers

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is linking the temporary condition of pregnancy to a legal principle usually associated with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which rewrote the rules of access in both the workplace and society as they relate to accommodating people with disabilities. The author discusses how this change could impact federal workers in their workplaces.

EEOC Meets English Common Law

The author analyzes a recent case involving the EEOC which is being hailed as an important decision against what he calls “over-zealous prosecution by government entities.” He says it is evidence that adoption of a legal system under which the losing party pays the other party’s legal fees would be beneficial.