Turning Your TSP Into an Income Stream

Image of hundred dollar bills falling into a pile

Turning accumulated savings in the Thrift Savings Plan into a stream of income is a goal for federal employees who are hoping to retire at a comfortable level. The author looks at choices federal workers have both inside and outside of the TSP to generate retirement income.

What Are Your Retirement Dreams?

Image of woman in hammock watching the sunset

Actuaries tell us that a 55 year old can expect to live another 30 years. How will you spend those days after you leave the workforce? The author provides some suggestions on how to find your retirement dreams and make them a reality.

Disability: Total or Occupational?

Image of disabled sign and wheel chair

Many federal workers who consider applying for federal disability retirement are apprehensive about the word “disability.” They think of disability in the context of Social Security Disability, which requires a claimant to be totally disabled. However, as the author notes, there is a difference between total and occupational disability, and he explains the differences as they apply to work requirements and applying for benefits.