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28% of Workers Have Less Than $1,000 in Savings

Filed in Headlines, News by on April 22, 2015 Comments

The results from the 2015 Retirement Confidence Survey have just been released. Some of the data show that American workers are still not preparing adequately for retirement, but the news is not all bad.

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OPM Medical Retirement: One Option In Reserve

Filed in News by on April 14, 2015 Comments

The author says that it is imperative that federal employees be fully aware of and ready to access the multitude of available compensation options at their disposal when the need arises (such as a medical disability) so they can secure their financial futures. He provides an overview of some of these important available options.

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IRAs and What They Mean for Your Retirement

Filed in News by on April 13, 2015 Comments

There are three different types of IRAs, and the author explains the differences between each as well as what the requirements are for investing in them.

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Retirement Claims Backlog Dips Slightly in March

Filed in News by on April 6, 2015 Comments

The latest retirement processing status report from the Office of Personnel Management shows that the backlog of outstanding claims has come down slightly as of the end of March.

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Can You Retire Before Age 59.5 Without Incurring TSP Penalties?

Filed in News by on April 5, 2015 Comments

The author says that many federal employees have fixated on the age 59.5 with respect to supplementing income from the TSP without penalty. However, he says there are other options for accessing your money if you retire before this age.

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CSRS Employees: Should You Deposit Money to Cover Temporary Federal Employment Early In Your Career?

Filed in News by on March 31, 2015 Comments

CSRS employees often ask, “Should I deposit money to cover temporary time early in my career?” The author provides some considerations to help answer this question.

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Have You Forgotten About the Roth TSP?

Filed in News by on March 29, 2015 Comments

With all the talk about the TSP possibly opening up a mutual fund window and expanding withdrawal options, you may have forgotten that the TSP also offers a Roth option. The author describes the basics of how the Roth option works to help you decide if it is right for your situation.

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March Madness and Taxes

Filed in News by on March 18, 2015 Comments

March Madness is here! Yes, there’s the NCAA tournament, but the author reminds readers that it’s also tax season and provides some general tips to keep in mind as April 15th approaches.

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