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Eight Facts You Must Document to Obtain Federal Disability Retirement Benefits

Filed in News by on May 14, 2015 Comments

Before you can obtain disability retirement benefits, you must provide documentation to the Office of Personnel Management that shows you meet these eight criteria. The author provides details about each and what forms you must submit to OPM.

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Spring Cleaning for Your Financial Portfolio

Filed in News by on May 13, 2015 Comments

Spring Cleaning is basically just trimming away the excess, updating, and even evolving. It’s a great idea to do this with many areas of your life, including your retirement portfolio. The authors outline three simple steps you can take to put your spring cleaning plan for your retirement savings into action.

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What Impact Does Inflation Have on Your Retirement Savings?

Filed in News by on May 6, 2015 Comments

The G fund inside of the Thrift Savings Plan is known as the “super safe” selection of the TSP funds because it never loses money. But how does it perform over the course of an entire career?

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OPM’s Retirement Claims Backlog Now at Just Over 18k

Filed in News by on May 5, 2015 Comments

The latest retirement status report from the Office of Personnel Management shows that the backlog of outstanding claims now sits at just over 18,000.

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Re-Depositing Retirement Contributions and Your Federal Annuity

Filed in News by on April 26, 2015 Comments

Re-deposit service refers to service where you withdrew your contributions when you left federal service and did not re-deposit them when you later returned. The author describes how this works and provides examples to help you decide whether or not to re-deposit money.

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28% of Workers Have Less Than $1,000 in Savings

Filed in News by on April 22, 2015 Comments

The results from the 2015 Retirement Confidence Survey have just been released. Some of the data show that American workers are still not preparing adequately for retirement, but the news is not all bad.

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OPM Medical Retirement: One Option In Reserve

Filed in News by on April 14, 2015 Comments

The author says that it is imperative that federal employees be fully aware of and ready to access the multitude of available compensation options at their disposal when the need arises (such as a medical disability) so they can secure their financial futures. He provides an overview of some of these important available options.

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IRAs and What They Mean for Your Retirement

Filed in News by on April 13, 2015 Comments

There are three different types of IRAs, and the author explains the differences between each as well as what the requirements are for investing in them.

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